Principal's Welcome


Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is a privilege to be the new Secondary Principal at MEF International School (MEF IS). I have performed a number of roles to ready for this position, including as an IB Diploma Programme Coordinator and Cambridge Coordinator, during my 12-year stint at MEF IS. Above all, this new role will allow me the opportunity to enhance the education at MEF IS.

Like in the past, it is paramount that honesty and trust form the cornerstone of relationships throughout the school. A school of transparency will allow our mosaic of nationalities to shine even more brightly. Now, more than ever, the MEF IS’ motto “Building bridges between countries and cultures” should be our ‘modus operandi’ (method of operation), for national rivalries and prejudices dominate in many areas across the globe. We should thus encourage our children to take risks to form relationships with other members of the student body no matter the race, religion, or nationality. We all have much to gain from new relationships. It is my sincere hope that our children enter the world with peaceful eyes and hearts heavy with love. At MEF IS, it is my belief that communication flavored with tolerance will pervade and inform students, staff and parents.

Productive relationships between students and teachers form the bedrock of any elite school. Teachers design lessons that allow students to develop their thinking, communication, social, self-management and research skills, all of which the International Baccalaureate (IB) prescribes. Ultimately, your children will be the architects of the 21st century with these skills. To stimulate and promote these skills, lessons are inquiry-based and experiential, require conceptual understanding, and focus on teamwork. Lessons are differentiated in order to make lessons accessible to entire classes. Local and global contexts are routinely explored to add girth to learning. Finally, both daily assessments (formative) and end-of-unit assessments (summative) inform all parties of attainment. Again, the IB requires all IB schools to instruct in this manner.

In addition to academics, we strongly believe that academics must not be confined to the classroom, as there are many opportunities for students to extend their learning outside the classroom. Students will attend different field trips in order to prompt interest in topics and consolidate learning. Clubs, too, allow students to forge new interests, as do after-school activities. Outside-of-class activities allow are children to gain an understanding of what it means to live a ‘balanced’ life. A balanced life consists of intellectual, physical and emotional balance, which equals personal well-being according to the IB. In this age of the smart phone, video game, packaged food, and immense competition, activities outside of the classroom act as a counterbalance. So, we strive to foster balanced lifestyles.

Many of my conversations with parents will inevitably relate to assessment. You will receive formal feedback (e.g. parent teacher conferences, report cards), but you are encouraged to stop by to discuss student progress any time. If you wish to meet with a member of our administration or staff, then simply e-mail the person in question for an appointment. You should receive a reply within 24 hours during the business week. Responses to emails over weekends or holidays may take longer. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) also welcomes both new and old families to MEF IS. The PTA is there to support all stakeholders in the school. It coordinates school events, fundraising, programs, and activities (both formal and informal). It is a great way for new and old families to form friendships. Matters related to the betterment of the educational experience are routinely discussed. If you would like to discover more about the PTA, including membership in the PTA, please contact the PTA at for details.

I look forward to meeting with you. My goal is your goal: to ensure that your child flourishes on an academic, social and personal level. Please contact me at me at as questions arise.


Mr. Malcolm Ringo
Secondary School Principal